Project aims and intellectual outputs

The main aims and intellectual outputs of the strategic partnership project are:IO1) Implementation of an investigative research including comparison of marketing related competence requirements in the partner countries (10/2020–09/2021)IO2) Development of training programme and curriculum (theme being marketing) that is targeted to business, administration, commerce and management students in the partner countries. (10/2021–05/2023)The training programme is partly digital and partly face-to-face and conducted in English. The core pedagogical methods applied when executing the training programme are learning by doing and team learning. In each partner country there are companies/organisations that are willing to let students plan, perform and evaluate their marketing activities. These SMEs/organisations act as associative partners during the project. IO3) Development of e-learning course / e-learning module to support the implementation / piloting of the curriculum. Development of English training materials that are relevant regarding the above mentioned development and realization of training programme and curriculum. (10/2021–05/2023)The development of marketing training programme and e-learning course make it possible for business, administration etc. students and teachers in partner countries to network with each other. It also makes it possible for the students to complete study modules in English and get international experience through studying as a member of an European study group. Through this experience, the students in the partner countries will improve not only their marketing skills and knowledge but also their language and interaction skills as well as their soft skills appreciated by employers.

Project target groups & associated partners

The participants of the project are VET-teachers and VET-students who need to develop their competences regarding internationalization, marketing, working in teams and learning through projects which are offered by associated partners e.g. companies in need of refreshing their marketing plans and implementation.